Many books and courses have been written to explain the depth of what is the simplest thing in the world, but also the most difficult and most profound.
We’ve all watched football matches where an injured player is taken of the pitch and replaced with another who is able to take his place. That is the key to Christianity.
It may be said to be as simple as A..B..C..
A – Admit your need
We try to get to heaven, we try to follow the teachings of Jesus, we try to care for others in the way we know we should, BUT we all fail! The first step is to realise that you can’t do it on your own. When we measure ourselves against others, we may seem better, but when we measure ourselves against Jesus , both His life and His teachings, we know we fail all the time.
B – Believe in Christ
We need to call the referee and be taken off the pitch! We cannot carry on, but Jesus can do it in our place. He stands in for us at heavens court; He wraps His robe of righteousness around us (Isaiah 61:10). We are made right with God, not because of what we do, but because of what He has done! His life, death and resurrection have given us free access into God’s presence, God’s family and God’s heaven. If that were not enough He has sent His Holy Spirit to lie within us and transform us into the likeness of Christ.
C – Commit your life to Him
If Jesus has done all that for you, the very least you can do is to live the rest of your life for Him. Living the Christian life is not a duty to be performed, but a thankful response of joy and praise to what He has done for us. As a university lecturer once said (at almost every lecture) “All the tickets are free ones!” Our problem is we want to earn them, rather than receive them freely!

This is a very simple, not to say simplistic, summary of Christianity. Here at St Andrews we run various informal courses throughout the year for people wanting to explore the Christian faith further. If you would like further information on these courses then please contact Vinny.




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