Support St Andrews Church

Thank you for thinking about how you can support Gospel work here at St Andrews Church.
Time and Prayer!

These are two practical and extremely useful ways in which you can support the work of God through St Andrews Church. We would really value your prayers. Have a look at our weekly news sheet to see what is going on. Your prayers for any of those groups / ministries / events would be fantastic, because without them it is just activity! Please pray that we will continue to be obedient and faithful to God in all that we do, and all the decisions that we make.

Can you offer to help…
Financial support

If you feel able to support us financially then that would be very much appreciated. There are a number of ways that you can do this:
Regular giving

Regular giving is an invaluable source of income for us. The various ministries at St Andrews Church are funded almost entirely by donations. Knowing that we have a regular amount of money being donated helps us to plan our finances better. If you would like to know more about giving to St Andrews on a regular basis then please Contact one of our leaders for details


If when we meet our Maker face to face and he should ask us what we did with the money he has given us, I wonder what we would say!? Please think about leaving a legacy in your Will for the ongoing work of God at D St Andrews Church. Big or small it can make a huge difference. If this is something which you would like to think more about then you can find more information here, or please contact the Church Treasurer, the Rector of the Church Office and we can provide you with more information about giving in this way.
Gift Aid

Please do remember to Gift Aid any donations that you make if you can. Again if you need help to do this then please Contact one of our leaders for details. You can download a Gift Aid declaration form here.